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Do you like cars? Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the best free mobile game!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the open world car game in the racing games category. Get exclusive cars, customize your car and play this realistic simulator for motorsport and tuning enthusiasts.

Collect, customize, explore the freedom to roam and do your best to become one of the legends of extreme car driving simulator. Are you ready to become the king of asphalt and drifting? Dodge the traffic drifting through the city streets like a pro.

Go to the auto repair shop and expand your car collection. Paint and tune your vehicle and show off your original style.

Drive the ultimate supercar fast and feel its top speed. Tour the off-road area and find out the really challenging moves. Use the brakes to drift and torque down the road. Jump off ramps and climb buildings or wreck your cars and repair them quickly. You can do it all in the extreme car driving simulator.

How to play:

Simulation racing game, players will enjoy the driving experience of real sports cars with real physics engine, all kinds of racing stunts can be thoroughly experienced in the game, near-realistic full-screen view, revs, gears, acceleration and other formidable performance, to bring players a more realistic racing experience.

Realistic physics

Jump, drift, twist and experience the ultimate experience on your phone or tablet with the help of optimized physics motors.

Our new collection includes SUVs, classic cars, sports cars and racers โ€ฆโ€ฆ Get them all and become one of the legends of motorsports!


Customize and tweak your car in the garage to make it unique. There are many tweaking options by choosing colors, tires or exclusive skins.

Development Zone The Zone offers plenty of gaming experience. Drift through the city asphalt, roam freely on any road away from the off-road zone, or run unrestricted on the airport runway.

Challenges The open world contains entry points for challenging mini-games, including trial, radar or destruction. Discover them and win great rewards.

Game Modes There are several game modes, as traffic mode and more. Unlock them all!

The game itself does not discard the important control experience in order to simply pursue a sense of fun, in addition to the inertia settings of the body, the game’s control details are also retained to the greatest extent possible, many details of the presentation of a more realistic restoration of the realistic side of racing. As an extreme racing driving simulator, the game interprets the name to the fullest, regardless of the extreme driving experience, it can be said to be true to its name.


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